Welcome to "What's in Store," the American Marketplace blog! April 04 2012, 0 Comments

Whether you arrived here intentionally or quite accidently (often the case when I'm web searching...I call it serendipity - good things that happen along the way!), welcome to "What's in Store," the American Marketplace blog.  This is my very first post and as always, I've got something to say. 

When we (the staff at the Westmoreland) decided to update our on-line store (thank you Shopify for making it sooooo easy!), we also decided we wanted to include a blog.  The Westmoreland publishes a very nice narrative piece called "Behind the Walls," which takes our members and fellow travelers back to see how the Museum operates on a day-to-day basis.  An insiders' look, so to speak, you can find it and other great stuff about the museum on our website www.wmuseumaa.org.  Similarly, the purpose of my blog is to take you along with me as I manage this totally cool Museum Shop called An American Marketplace.  

When I tell people I shop for a living, the usual response is (from the women): "That has got to be the coolest job in the world!"  From the men, not so much.  But managing the shop is more than shopping for great museum collection-related (what a mouthful!) merchandise to sell to you, our members and visiting public.  It's displaying and merchandising those products (what goes well together, what should be on the front table, stuff like that), marketing and promotion (making all those signs and coupons and getting the word out via social media - thank goodness we have a great marketing team to do the heavy lifting!), working alongside some super people (shop volunteers and Soji, my sales associate), participating in special events (and coming up with a few of our own), developing new products that promote the mission of the museum, keeping my office tidy (believe or not, this is one of the most challenging tasks!) and paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.

Was it always my goal to grow up one day be a Museum Shop/Shopping Maven?  Actually no, I thought I wanted to be a full-time mommy but once I did that, I went screaming back into the work world.  I served my time in the payroll field for 28 years before finishing a History Degree and landing in the museum world.  BEST DECISION EVER!  Say what you want about making money, (it's nice, it's necessary), you just can't beat the psychic benefits of working in a place with great art! 

So here I am, working at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art and lovin' every minute of it.  So many exciting things are happening here that, if you don't know about us, you will wish you did.  And guess what?  We want you to know about us and think of us as your own place, where you belong.  Hey!  It's American Art, folks and we are Americans!  That makes it our art!  Come check it out and when you do, stop into the Museum Shop and tell me hello.  If I'm not out on the sales floor, I'll be in my messy office, trying to straighten it up!

Yours in commerce!