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 Hello Shoppers and Art Lovers!

What a gorgeous Friday out there on the other side of my Museum Shop windows in downtown Greensburg, Pennsylvania (well, almost downtown, considering we reside on a hill).  It is the start of a long weekend for most people, and I find myself in the Museum Shop hosting the first of several “What’s in Store” events here at the Westmoreland.  Intended to coincide with the last weekend of an exhibition (when attendance is high!), in this case The Art of Seating, “What’s in Store” is a shop event that gives our customers a 20% discount off everything in the Museum Shop, a chance to win a great gift basket, free gift wrapping and yummy refreshments. This promotion runs through Sunday, April 8, 2012 so get yourself in here!

I love talking to the people who show up at the museum.  Since it is Easter vacation for most schools, we have been seeing (and hearing) plenty of kids in the Museum this week and our backpack program is getting lots of takers!  If you have children and don’t know about our educational programs, come check us out!  The backpack includes a scavenger hunt throughout the Museum, which when successfully completed gives the child an overview of American Art …and, perhaps more importantly to the kids,  a prize.  The backpack also includes a coupon for an additional prize from the Museum Shop and 10% off any purchase.  Who could ask for more? 

Other childrens' activities here at the Westmoreland include Studio Saturdays (reservations required), Studio Sundays(totally free and drop in status), Family Days (free and fun for the entire family) and Summer Art Camps(registration required).  Information for all these activities is available on our website www.wmuseumaa.org. 

Regardless of age, no trip to the museum is complete without a final stop in the Museum Store.  Little hands like to touch so we put our Children’s Area right up front (away from the breakables!) where there are plenty of art and history-related books, games, and toys.  A child-size table and chairs welcomes kids to have a seat and check out our very own children’s art activity book, Imagine American Art.  Also available for play is American Art Bingo, the ever popular children’s game based on our American art collection.  Both of these items can be purchased for many hours of fun and play at home. 


I can hardly wait until my grandson, Wyatt, just one year old, is ready for a Museum experience here at the Westmoreland.  His parents have already taken him to a cool museum in Berkeley, California called HABITOT Children’s Museum (http://www.habitot.org/)

Of course, I have already started the campaign to teach him all about art and artists, American and otherwise.  Wyatt and his parents live very far away from us in San Francisco.  Any gifts I bring have to fit in my suitcase so books are always the first choice (probably would be the first choice if he lived down the street, to be truthful).  When he was born, I bought him the Metropolitan Museum of Art books on color, shape, and numbers.  His parents are very avid book lovers too so they have been reading to him since birth.  This year, I sent him Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh, an entertaining tale of three white mice and several buckets of paint in an easy-for-little-hands board book.  I am sure I will be sending the companion book, Mouse Count out to Wyatt very soon. 


 Because I believe you are never too young (or too old) for poetry, two of my favorite children’s book here in the shop are I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More, written by Karen Beaumont and illustrated by David Catrow and Paint Me a Poem: Poems Inspired by Masterpieces of Art  by Justine Rowden.   


And for total wordless fun, check out Art & Max by David Wiesner.  



All of these great books can be found in our museum store or on-line shop: https://americanmarketplace.myshopify.com/admin

So until the next time I can get out to San Francisco and tell Wyatt all about the wonderful world of art, bring your kids into the Westmoreland Museum of American Art and stop in to see me in the Museum Shop so that I can tell you.  

 Have a great weekend, everyone!









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