Technology and Turtles - or the trials and tribulations of being a long distance mom! May 24 2012, 0 Comments



Those of you who know me, know that I have two grown daughters that live very far away from Southwestern Pennsylvania where I am living in beautiful Greensburg.  Becky is in the Dallas/Forth Worth/Plano area and Jamie is in East Bay San Francisco.  If you are a parent too, you know for a fact that parenting never ends.  So, you can imagine how I felt learning that both of my girls minorly injured themselves yesterday, and here I am, sitting hundreds of miles away, unable to comfort at all.  What a drag, what a dilemna!

So what do you do when you can't be there to kiss the boo-boos?  You send a gift, of course and this is where the technology and the turtles come in.  Yesterday, as I was straightening up the jewelry cases, I notice these cute little earrings that, for the life of me, I always thought were just pretty green beads.  Upon closer examination, I noticed they were turtles!

And guess who likes turtles in our family (although her brain addled mother - me - can never remember if it is turtles or frogs) - Becky in Texas!  So since I was thinking about her and her dog walking related injury yesterday, I thought I would send her some earrings to "make it all better."  Now, if you have adult children (or non-adult children, regardless of their actual age), you know that they will have developed tastes and preferences of their own.  So before I bought that cute pair of turtle earrings, I decided to run them past Becky to find out if she would be caught dead in them.  No reason to spend money for a gift that will not be used and appreciated, right?  

Off I go to the office of my friend and colleague, Charlene who is the Communications Specialist at the Westmoreland, and she snaps a picture of the earrings for me.  Hey Becky, I write on facebook, would you like these earrings that I want to send to you?  Success!  She thinks they are great and out in to the mail they go, winging their way to Texas as we type!

Now, of course there is a point to this story.  They don't pay me around here to tell you stories about myself and my family without it being Museum Shop related, right?  So here it is....retail is about the relationship and customer service is everything.  If I can pick out the perfect gift for my daughter, get it approved by her ahead of time, and get it on its way to her in under an hour...if I can do that for me, I can do it for you!

Need a gift for someone special?  Let me help you pick it out!

Need a photo of it sent ahead of the purchase?  I can do that for you!

Need it gift wrapped?  No problem and NO CHARGE!

Need it shipped out?  We can do that (for a slight charge - the postman must be paid!).

Can't make it into the shop? Call me, write me, send me an email, comment on this blog or better yet, order here in our on-line store - I will take care of it for you.

Mission accomplished!  Let me make your life easier and I know we will have a good time doing it too!

Yours with superlative customer service,