Summertime, summertime, sum, sum summertime! June 06 2012, 0 Comments


Hello Campers!

It's finally summertime and time to visit all the great artists festivals in the region and the great State of Pennsylvania (yes, I get paid to do this!)  Yesterday, I spent the day at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in downtown Pittsburgh talking to artists about consigning in my museum shop, participating in our juried artists markets and our Holiday Marketplace.  Even though it was gloomy and cold, hubby George and I had a great time!  One of the fantastic artists I met was:

Emerging Artist Profile: Audra Azoury

14 May 2012 by Emily O'Donnell in 2012 Festival, Artists Market     (

The conjunction of nature and industry is what shapes the work of Audra Azoury. She is a local artist who specializes in jewelry and sculpture where these natural and man-made elements combine. Audra says that her love for art and nature has been intertwined since a young age, and that industry has always been a part of nature in her memory. Her work achieves a harmonious balance between the natural world of creation and the modern world of innovation.

Her first line of jewelry was commissioned by the estate of Falling Water, after she held a successful sculpture exhibition at the famous Frank Lloyd Wright house. This collection is directly inspired by the architecture of the house; the suspended stairs leading into the stream below the house, the red steel windows that provide the illusion of being part of the forest and the local rhododendron flowers that grow on the land around Falling Water.

Audra is a Pittsburgh native whose passion for the city is evident in her work. Her ‘Steel Town’ collection is inspired by the architecture and design of Pittsburgh bridges. A graphic designer by day, the graphical simplicity of her work draws on geometric shapes and patterns. Audra uses locally sourced materials; her jewelry is made from Pittsburgh steel and 80% of her jewelry is made from recycled materials. The natural materials utilized in her sculpture, such as wood and rocks, are found by the artist herself on her walks in the forests of Pittsburgh where she first discovered her love of nature.

The Westmoreland has a beautiful industrial art collection called BORN OF FIRE and Audra's Steel City Jewelry line will fit in perfectly!

I also met (and order merchandise already!) from a great artist in California.  I will post more tomorrow about her great wearable art when I have pictures!

Also tomorrow I leave for the Gettsyburg Festival in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania ( for three days of artists' market, music and food!  This will be the first time I have attended this venue so I will be sure to post more great pictures and previews of coming merchandise when I return.

Can life get any better than this???

Yours, feeling festive,