Hand-blown Glass Pumpkin (Large)


Large Hand-Blown Glass Pumpkin

Large= 7in wide

Artist: Daniel Kilbride

These glass pumpkins make a statement all year round with their deep purple coloring and playful twisted gold stems. Each pumpkin is hand-blown in Pittsburgh, PA at the famous Pittsburgh Glass Center by artist Daniel Kilbride.

Every glass pumpkin is hot sculpted from glass gathered at 2115 degrees(F). After the artist is finished with the pumpkins they are placed in a 930 degree(F) annealing oven; where they are slowly brought down to room temperature overnight. After they are wrapped, packaged, and shipped to homes just like yours. Each pumpkin being hand-made will lend to slight variations. Making each pumpkin unique!

Glass pumpkins are amazing for bringing the spirit of fall into your space or household. They make wonderful centerpieces with how they catch the light, but also great for Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations.

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