Nature's Bounty


Still Life Painting in Southwestern Pennsylvania, 1860-1910
Organized by Museum Director Judith Hansen O'Toole and Kevin O'Toole, this 47 page soft bound catalog features 20 color plates and features such artists as George Hetzel, Albert F. King, and Austin C. Wooster. Featuring an introduction by William H. Gerdts, this catalog was published for an exhibition at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art in the summer of 2001. No single exhibition had ever before been devoted to the work of the still life artists of southwestern Pennsylvania, and many of the illustrations in this book are of images which have not been reproduced in previous publications. In his introduction, Mr. Gerdts calls the exhibition "a testimonial to the achievements of the region's painters specifically in still life, and a feast for the eyes, both literally and figuratively."

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