TWILIGHT ON THE SEASHORE Art Print - John Frederick Kensett




Creator: John Frederick Kensett

Date: c. 1872

Original Medium: Oil on canvas

Original Size: 37 x 48 in.

Location: The Westmoreland Museum of American Art



All unframed prints include a suitably sized white border which enhances their look when placed in any standard off-the-shelf frame.


Approximate Measurements


Paper Size: 8.00" W x 10.00"H

Image Size: 7.00" W x 8.53" H


Paper Size: 11.00" W x 14.00"H

Image Size: 10.00" W x 12.19" H


Paper Size: 16.00" W x 20.00"H

Image Size: 14.00" W x 17.07" H


Paper Size: 22.00" W x 28.00"H

Image Size: 20.00" W x 24.39" H


Paper Size: 32.00" W x 40.00"H

Image Size: 30.00" W x 36.58" H

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