CATS ThermoH Color Changing Coffee Mug


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BEFORE COLOR CHANGE - Before pouring a hot beverage into your mug you will see black cat silhouettes


DURING COLOR CHANGE - As your mug begins to fill with your hot drink the cats will begin to change color!


AFTER COLOR CHANGE - Once the color changing phenomenon is complete you will be able to enjoy your drink with different cat breeds on your brand new mug!


Features: - Heat Sensitive Cup - Your Favorite Cat Animals Around the Entire Cup! - The Perfect Gift! - Always Know Whether Your Drink is Hot or Cold - Perfect for Your Favorite Hot Beverage - Amaze family, friends, kids, co-workers and allow them to witness "magic" right before their own eyes!


Special Care Instructions: - Wash Before First Use - Hand Wash ONLY - Gently wash outside of mug with soft sponge or simply with just water and soapsuds to preserve color changing print. - Avoid using tough or rough cleaning tools on outside of mug. - Avoid scratching mug with sharp objects or picking at design to help maintain color changing print - Not Microwave or Dishwasher Safe! - Due to the sensitive nature of the color changing print - Please Be Careful When Hot


Product Details: - 11 Fl oz/325 ML - Ceramic Mug - BPA/Lead Free - Hot liquid needs to be a minimum temperature of 49°C/120°F in order for mug to change colors - Recommended temperature is boiling point 71°C/160°F for optimal color changing

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