Painting in the United States 2008


This 112-page softbound catalog accompanies the exhibition "Painting in the United States" on view at The Westmoreland from June 29 - October 19, 2008. Authored by Curator Barbara L. Jones with Director/CEO Judith Hansen O'Toole, the catalog features full color images of the 48 paintings in the exhibition. "Painting in the United States" reconstructs an sampling of the exhibitions of the same title organized by Carnegie Institute (now Carnegie Museum of Art) from 1943 to 1949. These seven exhibitions of American painting replaced the Institute's annual Carnegie International exhibition when it was suspended due to World War II.

The essay is divided into categories that address the diversity of personal interpretations and stylistic approaches to painting during the 1940s including American Scene painting, under which fall Regionalism and Social Realism; Surrealism; and Abstraction, all of which are addressed by the artists included. The catalog also features an appendix, which lists all the artists (over 600) and their paintings that were included in the Carnegie Institute's exhibitions over the seven-year span.

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